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December 5, 2022

Congratulations to the Clanmore Graduates of 2011!!!

Pictured left to right: Von, Ryann and Eirinn.

A Farewell to the 2011 Graduates

By Renee, Upper Elementary Teacher 

Dr. Montessori saw education of the child as a way to peace and one of the ways this can be manifested is through the spirit of generosity. A generous soul can help lead humanity to peace. We can choose generosity in so many areas of our lives.

An idea that we have debated in our class many times is the question, “Can one person change the world?” So I would like to tell you girls that generosity can change the world. You can make a difference. You can choose to be generous with your love, your kindness and your compassion. You can choose to be generous with your successes, your time and your spirit. The idea of generosity is a gift that you can share with the world every day and in everything that you do.

The sacrifice of giving, which creates no obvious rewards for the giver, has its own ultimate rewards. It recognizes generosity, fellowship and the community and in doing so reminds the giver that it is not only what we do for ourselves that is important, but also what we do for others.

It is true that this idea of generosity includes sacrifice. Sometimes it feels as though you are losing but know that ultimately you are strengthening your soul.

I know that with the love of your family and friends, and your wonderful years spent at Clanmore, you have been able to recognize your self-worth as individuals and that you see yourselves as we see you as unique, special and important. I think equally as important, you have developed the ability to recognize the worth in others.

Dr. Montessori believed in the power of education, love and hope. Her whole philosophy of education was based on the idea of love, respect, dignity, integrity and generosity towards the child. Our three graduates embody these sentiments.

As you leave our family at Clanmore, go forth and share your generous spirit and always look within yourself. As you stand here today, you are strong and resolute in your sense of morality. Take that with you and never forget who you are and what you have worked so hard to achieve here. I wish all of you the best in your future and know that we are here for you and will cherish the memories we have shared.

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