The Clanmore Voice

December 5, 2022

Clanmore Memories…..

By Annika Rinas

I remember in grade four Mrs. Podivinsky was my teacher and our usual routine was that in the afternoons we would learn something in the department of Social Sciences.

It was a sunny afternoon and Mrs. Podivinsky decided that on that particular day we would learn about ecosystems.  Yet instead of making us sit inside and research all of our information in textbooks or on the computer we got our runners on and headed out into the forest.  We took our notepads and pencils and recorded information that we found to be interesting, while she was also teaching us information about our topic.

To this day I wonder how you can take twenty children out to a forest and a ravine and not have them go out of control, but in fact be overly indulged about a topic we had never been educated about before. After our adventure, we took our notes back to the classroom and began to compare them with some supplement information and research; clearly not as much fun as splashing in the water!

I suppose the real pleasure in this story was that there are many ways of learning. Some schools have  their students sit down in desks and read about the material. That is the difference at Clanmore and that is what makes it even more exciting and adventurous. Learning something hands on is the way that I will never forget it!

Annika Rinas
Bachelor of Commerce, Queen’s University ’13

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