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December 5, 2022

Clanmore Graduation 2012

A Very Special Congratulations to Natalia – our Clanmore Graduate for 2012!

Graduation speech by Ms. Osterback

The Gorgeous Mosaic

Good evening a I was thinking About your beautiful children the word that struck me the most telling was individuality.

Individuality -that is what I wanted to talk to you about this evening. There are many single words that can describe what the Montessori philosophy embraces such as love, compassion, freedom, responsibility and discipline but nothing seemed to be as relevant to this group of Upper Elementary children as the idea of individuality.

Dr. Montessori was an amazing woman, a unique individual who was ahead of her time.  Her philosophy was to encourage children to educate themselves through freedom of choice and individuality, but most importantly she had a unique perspective of viewing this child as an individual that should be honored, respected and helped to fulfill his or her potential.

At Clanmore, our fostering and nurturing of the individual begins in the Toddler environment and continues through the child’s years in Casa. Then when the child enters the Elementary community they are immersed in a social environment that is based on the group rather than the individual. We still foster this idea of individuality in the way we approach the child, as we continue to follow their natural daily rhythms and encourage them to choose their work responsibly.

 We have a wonderful group of children that make up the Upper Elementary class. They remind me of a passage I read awhile ago it went something like this. “The people of this class are like tiles of a mosaic. Each individual is beautiful in his or her own way and together they create the harmonious aggregate that has its own unique beauty.”

 This years class is a complementary group who encourages each other even in times of uncertainty both academically and emotionally and one that has an enormous creative drive. Our class would be very different if one child was not here.

Jackson– he is our moral conscious. He knows right from wrong and in his gentle way he will tell you. Jackson is often heard encouraging children that are younger with kind words and anecdotes to help them face something they may not have experienced before always trying to make their path easier!

Marcus- our resident charismatic engineer-  he comes to school eyes brimming with excitement he amazes us with his curiosity and inquisitive nature. I am sure that he is set on a long journey of discovery and inventiveness. And for those of you who haven’t heard-he runs like the wind!

And then we have Max who is such an empathetic child and an absolute delight to work with!  I have seen him almost burst out of his shell this year- reaching such amazing heights. He is an observer and can tell you anything you need to know!  Max works with quiet determination and dedication.

Ethan exudes warmth and kindness. He is soft spoken and light hearted. He is a wonderful boy who loves anything related to science. If there is an experiment being done-Ethan is right there to guide the children along! We love his optimism!

Owen is a conscientious young man, when he sets his mind to a goal he reaches it. There is never any fuss about it -Owen just gets it done!! He is neat- actually-meticulous, determined and methodical.  Owen is always willing to lend a hand and often does more than his share so that the group can finish whatever it is we are doing in a timely manner!

Kathryn embraces everyone. She really is an inspiration to us all. We always marvel at the ideas and conversations she begins. My favourite line this year from her was, “Mrs. Osterback would it be okay if I did an essay entitled “The Ecosystem which is my Backyard” what could I say!! Kathryn is hugely creative, intellectually curious on every level and really is a natural born leader.

Then we have Clara with her generous, optimistic nature, her keen intellect and her inquisitive nature! She is a delight to teach and she really does epitomize the idea of a joyful learner!!She has been dressed up in a range of costumes and different personalities over the past few years! We have been entertained, to say the least! The role of leadership will come easily to Clara

Christopher has Moxie!!! Definition -that comes straight from the dictionary-moxie- energy, wit, courage and determination he has this in spades!!Put this together with his charisma and sharp intellect and you have one great kid! Christopher definitely adds flare to our daily life in the class!

Isabelle –she is such a joy to teach. She has a sense of calm about her and her creative energy is enormous, she is a fabulous story teller, a skilled artist and wow – can she sing !!!! She is thoughtful , kind, extremely reflective and a definite lover of Mother Nature.

Nathan has an inherent goodness in him.  He has this way about him that makes you happy just by being in his presence! He is bright, hugely inquisitive, seriously determined and then to top it off he carries with him a discerning wit.

And finally, our graduate, Natalia. She is the golden thread that weaves the fibre of our class together. I have had the privilege of watching Natalia mature over the last three years. She is a delightful young lady who embodies the idea of benevolence.  Her gentle, fun loving nature attracts the other children to her.  Natalia has a quiet confidence about her, a subtle wisdom and is a happy leaner. She is beautiful to the core, both inside and out, a wonderful student and a loyal friend.

So the the whole community I want to thank you. I relish in the importance of your work and your earnest devotion to it. This gorgeous mosaic is brimming with meaning, identity and love!!

 Natalia did a biography on Helen Keller this year so  I thought it would be fitting to leave YOU tonight, Natalia, with the words of this remarkable individual.

She said, “Never bend your head, hold it high and look the world straight in the eye”



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