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February 1, 2023

Why Is There A Bar In The Parent Lounge at Clanmore Montessori School?


The ‘bar/barre’ is for the age of 5 to 12 months, when a child is not quite walking yet. The mirror gives little ones the opportunity to see and study their own reflection, their movements and help them connect their movements with that of reflections. The mirror helps them control their movements on their own time and strengthens their muscles. It helps them to stand straight, walk and move independently using their own equilibrium. This leads a child to a quicker discovery of his own body and movement. When achieved by themselves, it gives them self-confidence. 


Movement is important in all Montessori environments, for it is from movement which self-confidence derives. The benefit of the barre is to teach children how to pull themselves up & down and to walk. Each child has his/her own internal clock which guides them towards pulling up and this barre aids them in the development of movement. In the youngest of children movement lays the foundation for future cognitive development.

If you have a little one and need a place to speak to a staff member or another parent, come into the Parent Lounge and take advantage of the barre. Lay a blanket down and help yourself to the developmental aids in the wooden bin beside the couch. They can be given to reception on your way out so they can be properly washed before they are returned to the bin.

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