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October 3, 2023

Remembering Clanmore Montessori Summer Camp

Remembering Clanmore Summer Camp


The warm, sunny days of Summer. Remember them? Feeling the cool grass between your toes, sipping on lemonade and being carefree with your friends. Oh, if we could live in those childhood moments again.

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What are your fondest memories of childhood on warm Summer days? Were they spent in nature? Were they spent being creative? Were they spent practicing a new skill? I’m sure they were spent exerting what seemed to be your endless amounts of energy and I bet they were definitely spent making memories with friends?


Clanmore Montessori Summer Camp offers something for every child, making memories with familiar friends, and new ones, in a familiar place, where the warmth of the Clanmore community aligns perfectly with the warmth of summertime.

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Last Summer we created many memories, canoeing, kayaking, geocaching, gardening and playing sports. We also explored robotics, aerospace, water and science, but most importantly, we created fun and friendships!


We are looking forward to creating more warm memories this Summer and we hope you’ll join us!

Here is what some of our Campers have said about Clanmore Montessori Camp last year…


“The canoeing and kayaking was fun… I wanna do it again.”
Lincoln age 7

“Camp was fun and educational. I loved learning about the wilderness. Canoeing was my favourite.”
Sophie age 11

Samuel age 4 and Gabriel age 6


“I would definitely recommend Robotics, we learned in a fun way about gears and mechanics, I made a robot with armour that went to battle. We also learned about aerospace – gravity and aerodynamics”.
Caleb age 11

“I learned that I can paddle far and if everyone paddles at the same time and is consistent we can go fast.”
Jackson age 9

photo (61)

“This is fun!”
Mia age 4

“We did a variety of interactive sports, it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.”
Emilio age 11

For more information on Clanmore Montessori Camp, contact Teresa McLean, Summer Camp Program Co-ordinator at [email protected] or telephone (905)337-8283.

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