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March 25, 2023

A Montessori Summer Camp – Beyond the Classroom

There’s no doubt that summer camp is loads of fun, but is there more to it than fun?

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Camp at Clanmore is unique! Sure, we offer experiences that cultivate friendships and lifelong skills and perhaps we even offer a break from summer cabin fever for the entire family, but at Clanmore the camp experience is so much more. We offer specialized programs for children that foster character development and self-regulation, which is rooted in the Montessori philosophy.

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Summer camps keep young minds growing during the summer months and studies show this helps children successfully transition back to school in September. Clanmore’s specialized programs, such as canoeing, kayaking, cooking, art, bike riding and sports provide children with an opportunity to keep theirs brains stimulated and their bodies active.

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Our camp programs also allow children to get their feet wet with an extracurricular activity without making a long-term commitment to a budding interest.

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Camp at Clanmore allows children to spend time with familiar friends and establish new relationships based on common interests, but we also help the children cultivate these friendships by developing each individual character through the practice of Restitution.

The children discuss what they value as a community and the staff guide the children to use these values in their day-to-day lives. The children regularly have discussions about what respect, safety, learning and peace mean to them. As Montessori is based in multi-aged groups, during these discussions the input of children as young as three years of age is valued as is the input of older children. This nurtures the development of healthy leadership and a respect for all. The multi-aged groupings allow for a natural learning process to occur between the various ages as younger children learn from older children and older children develop from interacting with younger children.

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As a camp rooted in Montessori, we foster self-regulation by giving the children the freedom to make decisions and to co-construct their day based on their interests and their own thoughts and feelings. This provides each child in our camp with the opportunity for independence. As conflict could arise in any environment, the children are guided with the tools for resolution by putting emphasis on fixing a conflict. This also encourages the children’s development of self-regulation and nurtures their spirit.


While at camp, children may choose to work with materials when their intrinsic urge to explore a material becomes evident to them. Children are also encouraged to self-regulate feelings such as hunger by having snacks readily available to them throughout the day.

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At Clanmore the children’s inner-guides are valued and respected and they receive the support needed for development through the Montessori philosophy.


So of course we have fun amongst all the other wonderful attributes of camp at Clanmore, but the best part? Because we are a day camp, the children return home at the end of each day to share these fantastic experiences with their families, around the dinner table or when they are being tucked in at night.


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