At Clanmore Montessori School we put the children first, every time. To do this successfully we need a team of wonderful teachers; teachers who are personally warm, observant, thoughtful, respectful, committed and very well trained. All of these characteristics are needed to do the exacting and delicate job of educating the children in their care. We are pleased to introduce you to our exceptional team of teachers, the people who work with your children every day:


Teaching Staff

Preschool Staff

Cathy Sustronk, BA, AMI
Cathy was born in Montréal, Québec.  She came to Toronto and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario.  She attended Sheridan College, taking courses in Early Childhood Education and then graduated with an Association Montessori International Montessori Primary (3 – 7 years of age) diploma, where she studied under Renilde Montessori.  Cathy is married and is the mother of two grown sons, both graduates of Clanmore.  Cathy is a co-founder and owner of Clanmore Montessori School.

Toddler Staff

Tania Schmidt,  RECE, TMI
Toddler Program / Extended Day Program
Tania was born in Toronto and grew up in Oakville.  She received her Early Childhood Education from Sheridan College in 2006. Tania has many years of teaching experience and was at her former school for seven years.  Tania recently attended the Toronto Montessori Institute, where she earned her Montessori Toddler diploma.

Anna Ossott, Medico Cirujano diploma, AMI (Casa Assistant Course), TMI
Toddler Program
Anna was born, raised and educated in Caracas, Venezuela. She went to medical school and specialized in Pediatrics. Three years ago, with her husband and five children, she moved to Canada and began a new life, one that came with many changes and challenges.  Having her pediatric credentials certified in Canada represented a very long, complicated and uncertain route so, being that her passion has always been small children she decided to begin a new path in Early Childhood Education.  Anna initiated her contact with the Montessori Environment two years ago when she was fortunate enough to find her way to a ten-week placement at Clanmore. From that moment on her decision about getting into this new professional field became clear to her. Anna is loving, caring and passionate about small children as well as enthusiastic when being around them.

Hailey MarwickHon. BA, ECE, MTC (Casa Assistant Course)
Toddler Program
Hailey was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario and recently moved to Oakville with her fiancé. She graduated from Brock University with an Honours BA in Child and Youth Studies and a minor in Sociology. Since then she has taken the Casa Assistant Course at MTC and recently finished her ECE diploma studies with St. Lawrence College. She has worked with both Casa and Toddler age groups for the past three years in a Montessori environment.

Casa Staff

Jamie Bosompem (nee Corsaro), BA, B Ed., AMI
Casa Program
Jamie Corsaro has a BA in Sociology, a post-graduate degree in Primary Education is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, and is an AMI certified Casa Directress. Jamie started her teaching career with training in the public system, but shortly thereafter found and fell in love with Montessori.  Jamie has a deep passion for sharing knowledge and feels very fulfilled knowing she is helping children through their development to grow and flourish.  Jamie enjoys painting, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Carrie Caldarone, AMI
Casa Program
Carrie was born in Toronto and continues to live there with her husband.  She graduated from the Foundation for Montessori Education in 2003.   Carrie has taught at her former school for ten years and was nominated for teacher of the year 2009 in the Toronto Star Newspaper! Carrie enjoys spending time with her family, art, and travel.

Tarunya Gouthaman, BBM, MPR, AMI
Casa Program
Born and raised in India, Tarunya has a degree in Business Management and a post-graduate degree in Public Relations. She shifted careers to pursue her passion for teaching, trained with AMI at both the primary and elementary levels and worked in Montessori schools across India and Canada for nearly 7 years. She feels every day is a fun learning experience for the children and herself! She loves travelling, cooking, yoga, and art.

Gysel Matos, B. Edu, RECE, AMI (Casa Assistant Course)
Casa Program Support, Playground Support
Gysel was born and educated in Caracas, Venezuela. She went to Teacher University and specialized in Early Childhood Education. After she graduated and before moving to Canada she had the opportunity to work for more than 10 years as an International and private school teacher.  Her passion and love for education continued to grow and pushed her to accomplish the required equivalence to be recognized as an ECE Teacher in Canada. She is currently working as a teacher for International Language program, and as part of her continued education she did the (AMI) Casa Assistant training to become part of the Clanmore Family.

Beatriz Narvaez, BA, AMI (Casa Assistant Course)
Casa Program Support, Playground Support
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Beatriz was fortunate enough to have lived and studied in Italy as a child, in France as a young adult, and as a post-graduate in North America. She is a proud mother of two children and aunt to 15 nieces and nephews.  Beatriz graduated from University having studied Human Resources and completed post-graduate studies in Logistics Management.  With a passion for teaching and a genuine love for children, she has had the wonderful experience of working with children aged 18 months to 15 years since she was young, and in Canada, since 2012.

Michelle Robin, NNEB, HNC, ECE, TMI
Casa Program / Extended Day Program
Michelle moved to Canada from Scotland in 1995.  She has diplomas in Nursery Nurse Education Board, Higher National Certificate in early childhood education and Early Childhood Education from Sheridan College.  Michelle has also received her Montessori Teacher’s Diploma at the Casa level from the Toronto Montessori Institute.

Leila Sairally, BA, AMS
Casa Program
Leila has lived and worked in Oakville the majority of her life. She went to St. Mildred’s Lightborn School and studied Communications and Economics at Wilfred Laurier University. Upon completion of her BA, Leila enrolled in the Montessori postgraduate program at Sheridan College here in Oakville. Leila has over ten years of experience in the field of education. Leila is married and has two boys, in her spare time she enjoys reading, hikes, and traveling.

Kaitlyn Willey, ECE, TMI
Casa Program – On Maternity Leave
Born in Toronto, Kaitlyn was a Montessori alumnus herself as a child. Upon earning her Early Childhood Education Diploma at Seneca College, Kaitlyn went on to graduate from the Toronto Montessori Institute with a Montessori teaching diploma.  In 2011, Kaitlyn moved to London, England where she began her career as a Montessori directress at a preparatory school in Knightsbridge.  In the summer of 2016, Kaitlyn returned to Canada settling in Oakville with her husband James.

Elementary Staff

Grace Kidney, AMI
Grace was born in Dublin, Ireland.  She attended Holy Child Convent and graduated from the AMI Montessori Teacher Training College, Sion Hill in 1975 (Primary level 3-6 years of age, Elementary level 6-9 years of age, and Benincasa Diploma – education for children with special needs).   Grace has training in teaching Speech and Drama and Early childhood and Kodaly Music for Elementary children.  She has travelled and worked in Asia, Europe, and North America.  Grace is a past President of the Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers, has presented at the annual Teachers’ Conference in Toronto and is currently a surveyor for the CCMA Montessori schools accreditation programme. Grace is married and the mother of one daughter, a graduate of Clanmore.  Grace is a founder and owner of Clanmore Montessori School.

Gayle Barrow, BA, AMI, TMI
Elementary Program
Gayle was born in Sunderland,  England.  She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and a Diploma in Assistants to Infancy (0 – 3 years) from the Association Montessori International Montessori Institute in Denver Colorado.  Gayle pioneered one of the first A.M.I. Toddler programs in Canada here at Clanmore and has presented at the Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers’ conference in Toronto.  Gayle is also a graduate of the Toronto Montessori Institute and holds a diploma in Elementary Education.  Gayle is married and a mother of two young children, both of whom attend Clanmore. She has been part of  Clanmore since its beginnings.

Kevin Gough, BA, GradDipT, TMI
Elementary Program
Kevin was born in Chatham, Ontario, and was raised in Stratford, Ontario. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Windsor with a major in English Literature and a minor in Psychology, and his Graduate Diploma of Teaching from the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Kevin is also a MACTE accredited Elementary Montessori Teacher from the Toronto Montessori Institute. He has over ten years of teaching experience throughout parts of Canada, South Korea, and New Zealand, with these past two years spent teaching as an Upper Elementary Montessori Director. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys travel, playing sports, playing music, and being outdoors.

Joanne Grassi, BA, Pan America, TMI
Elementary Program
Joanne was born and raised in Woodbridge, Ontario, and has a BA in psychology from York University. Joanne found her passion for Montessori education in 2002 as an Assistant at Maple Montessori School. She obtained her Casa training from Pan American and taught for 5 years before deciding to further her Montessori training, receiving her Elementary qualifications from TMI.  She loves her students who teach her so much and provide priceless memories.  She and her daughter, who currently attends Clanmore, live in Caledon.

Jennifer Kyle, BA, TMI
Elementary Program
Jennifer was born in Oakville, Ontario before moving to Calgary, Alberta as a child.  Jennifer attended Bishop’s University where she completed her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.  After moving to Australia for a year, she returned to Toronto to pursue her ambition of becoming a Montessori teacher.  Jennifer completed her MACTE Elementary certificate from the Toronto Montessori Institute.  Jennifer enjoys cooking, outdoor activities, and travelling when she can.

Lauren MacKenzie, BA, GDE, M.Ed., AMI
Elementary Program
Lauren was born in Toronto and raised in Oakville. She has a B.A. in Political Science from McMaster University and a Grad. Diploma in Education from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She travelled and taught ESL and yoga for a couple years. Lauren returned to Toronto and spent 2 years working in Montessori schools. Captivated by the Montessori method she moved to Portland, Oregon to obtain her AMI Elementary certification and M.Ed. from Loyola University Maryland. She most recently started a new Upper Elementary classroom in Salem, Oregon and is now back in Toronto, working at Clanmore. Lauren also enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, reading non-fiction, painting, dancing, and anything outdoors such as running, hiking, and gardening. She also intends to keep bees in the near future.

Maria Tran, BSC, AMI
Elementary Program
Maria was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and has been living in Canada since 1992.  She received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto with a Major in Biochemistry and a Minor in Psychology in 2003.  She studied at the Foundation for Montessori Education and holds an AMI Primary Diploma as well as an AMI Elementary Diploma.  She taught as a Casa Directress for 5 years and also taught Lower Elementary for 1.5 years at her former school.  Maria enjoys traveling and spending her time outdoors fishing, hiking and playing sports.

Renée Osterback, BA, AMI
Elementary Program
Renée was born in Oakville, Ontario. She received her Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Sociology, from Bishop’s University.  After travelling abroad and living in Vancouver for two years, Renée came back to Toronto where she studied and received her AMI Casa Diploma from the Foundation for Montessori Education. She then went to school in Dublin, Ireland for a year and received her AMI Elementary Diploma from Mount St. Mary’s College. Renée worked in a Montessori school in Toronto for seven years before she came back to Oakville to raise her family. Renée has one Clanmore graduate and another daughter who currently attends Clanmore.

Middle School Staff

Kate Barrack, BA, M.Ed., AMI
Middle School Program Co-ordinator
Kate grew up in Houston, Texas and began her education at Pines Montessori School.  She received her B.A. in literature from the University of Houston at Clear Lake and immediately joined a local school as an 8th grade English teacher for seven years.  During this time, she met and married her Canadian husband and began her move to Toronto.  Since 2012, Kate has completed the AMI primary diploma from Houston Montessori Institute, the AMI Adolescent Orientation in Australia and her M.Ed in Montessori through Loyola University. She has worked in both Montessori Primary and Elementary environments but specializes with adolescents.

Kristina Wright, BA, TMI, AMI
Middle School Program
Kristina grew up in Simcoe, Ontario.  She attended Carleton University in Ottawa where she attained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.  Upon graduating she taught English for three years in South Korea.  She completed her Primary and Elementary Montessori Diploma in 2000 and taught Lower Elementary for nine years.  In 2009 she completed the Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies in Cleveland, Ohio and has been teaching in an Adolescent Program since.  She was also the Supervisor of the Elementary program at her last school.  She now resides in Oakville with her husband and two daughters, one of whom attends Clanmore and the other who is a Clanmore graduate.

Specialist Staff

Elaine Kerr-Morgan, Art Dip., Textile Design & Craftsman Dip.
Art Specialist, Casa Program Support, Playground Support
Elaine was born in Sarnia, Ontario.  Her life passion has always been the creative process.  She studied fine art at Lambton College and then at Sheridan College’s School of Craft and Design.   She has taught art and craft for over 30 years in various settings, the past 21 in Montessori environments.  Elaine longed for quality and diverse art programs as a child, so now endeavours to give that gift to the children she teaches today.   Most recently Elaine joined the Casa staff as an assistant. She has assumed responsibility for developing and presenting an art programme to the children of the Casa classes, as well as the Elementary and Middle School children. 

Anna Lafarge, BMOS
French Specialist
Anna is thrilled to have joined Clanmore as the French Specialist.  She was born and grew up in Paris, France, and studied Literature (ancient languages; Latin and Greek).  Anna graduated with a Bachelor of Management from European Management school Alliance Européenne and has been teaching French, from JK to grade 12, since I arriving in Canada in 2013.   She uses the AIM method which she feels combines very well with her high expectations while providing an interactive approach which makes the learning enjoyable for children and communication in French quickly attainable.  Anna lives in Hamilton with her husband and 5 children and she enjoys playing the Cello (graduated from Conservatory of Music of Orleans, France), reading and travelling with her family.

Cosima Grunsky Loranger, AMI (Casa Assistant Course)
Music Specialist, Casa Program Support, Playground Support
Singer, songwriter, business owner, artist and Montessorian
Cosima studied Fine Art at OCAD University in Toronto.  After her studies, she worked at the YMCA in Toronto with children ages 6 months to 6 years.  There she started a music and art program which laid the foundation for her business ‘Cozy Music’ and ‘Cozy Art’.  Her ‘Cozy Music’ programme is now included in the Prologue To The Performing Arts catalogue and has had her performing her show in schools all around Ontario for over a decade.  She was a Montessori student at the Toronto Island Montessori and has come full circle completing the AMI Montessori assistant course.  In her spare time, she writes songs, paints, and tours with her father Jack Grunsky.

Teresa McLean, MTC, Children’s Fitness Coach
Physical Education Specialist, Co-curricular, Extended Day, and Summer Program Co-ordinator
Teresa was raised in a small town, but also loves the livelihood of a big city. She graduated from Montessori Teachers College and holds a MACTE diploma. Teresa is also a certified Children’s Fitness Coach. She graduated from Mohawk College with honours in Early Childhood Education. She completed an internship in Leadership and Theology, working in children and youth programs. She has also served through mission work in South America. Teresa has been a mentor with at-risk youth for 7 years and has completed training courses to support this work. Teresa enjoys exploring new cities, plays various sports, practices running and yoga, has a fondness for horseback riding and spending time at the beach. She is motivated by her enthusiasm for life-long learning and is inspired by the virtue of empathy. Teresa has been teaching in a Montessori environment for over 15 years.

Rainer Noack, BA, B.Ed.
Drama Specialist
Rainer Noack is a strong and invaluable player in the Arts in Canada and the recipient of many notable awards including the 2013 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.  Strength, confidence, and great work ethic are core values that Rainer applies to his career as an Arts Educator, and instils in his students as a sure path to success.  A graduate of Sheridan College, McMaster University, and the University of Toronto, he has developed, coordinated, implemented, and encouraged countless theatre programs in the Burlington area.  Most notably, he is the Founder and Director of Burlington Student Theatre since 1978.  He has taught Drama in both the Public and Catholic School Boards.

Kelly Tiernay, BA, MTC (Infant/Toddler Assistant Course), AMI (Casa Assistant Course)
Music Specialist, Extended Day Program – On Maternity Leave
Kelly was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, and studied music at both Mohawk College and McMaster University. After obtaining an applied music diploma and a BA in music Kelly began teaching flute, piano and Kindermusik in a variety of daycare centers and private schools, but was especially drawn to the Montessori philosophy she encountered at one of these schools. Kelly completed her Infant/Toddler Assistant course at MTC and worked in a Montessori Toddler class for two years. She has recently completed her AMI Casa Assistant Training at the Foundation for Montessori Education. Kelly is looking forward to working closely with the toddler, casa and lower elementary students in music class this year.

Kate Quigley, M.A., B.M., Applied Music Diploma
Music Specialist
Kate inspires children to express themselves through music. Voted “Music Teacher of the Year” Elementary School and Independent School at the Hamilton Music Awards in 2015, Kate holds both Master of Arts and Bachelor of Music Degrees from McMaster University and an Applied Music Diploma from Mohawk College. Kate has over 20 years of experience teaching music, including private lessons, group classes, school field trips, and workshops, as well as starting the first Yamaha Music School in Hamilton at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts in 2003. Kate has been teaching at Dundas Valley Montessori School since 2010 and joined the Clanmore Montessori community in 2015.

Auxilliary Staff

Auxilliary Staff

Educational Consultant
Azza Daba started out her career in the special education field almost 20 years ago. Through her work, she became fascinated by remedial pedagogy, especially language and literacy acquisition, and went on to specialize in dyslexia. Being bilingual has also given her the opportunity to study the differences between two orthographies, which has led to her deeper appreciation of the cognitive and linguistic demands of learning a language and its writing system. Azza has a master’s degree in Special and Inclusive Education, an Associate level certification as an Orton-Gillingham Practitioner and is also an IDA certified Structured Literacy Interventionist as well as an Ontario Certified English Language Teacher. As a life-long learner, Azza continues to actively seek further insight by staying informed about recent research, attending conferences, and workshops. She has experience as a mainstream classroom teacher, a remedial educator and an English as a second language teacher. She enjoys serving on the board of the Ontario branch of The International Dyslexia Association (ONBIDA) and passionately believes that all educators should be informed about evidence-based practices to help provide struggling students with a fair chance to succeed in their education.

Bev Galway, Liaison College
Catered Lunch / C0-curricular Cooking Program
Bev is a graduate of Liaison College in Oakville, a college dedicated exclusively to training in the culinary arts, under the direction of Red Seal Chef Mark Duncan. Her training included the National Food Safety Training Program certified by the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association. Bev has also completed the AMI (Association Montessori International) Teaching Assistant’s course.

Wendy McCrae
Catered Lunch / Kitchen Program Co-ordinator
Wendy was born in Glasgow, Scotland and was raised in a small village called Tighnabruaich, Argyll, Scotland.  Wendy graduated from Clydebank College, Scotland in catering and hotel management.  Wendy’s love of children inspired her work for the past 20 years caring for children, including a two-year position as a nanny in Germany.  Wendy moved to Canada in 1997.  Recently she availed of the opportunity to attend the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto and has earned a diploma in teaching assistance.

Petra Rinas, Hon. BA, B.Ed., AMS
Educational Consultant, Elementary Program Representative
Petra was born and raised in the Toronto area.  She graduated with an Hon. B.A. in modern languages from Queen’s University.  She then went on to complete a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior) from the University of Toronto and Montessori Elementary training (6-9 years) from the Institute of Advanced Montessori studies in Silver Springs, Washington, D.C.   She also holds a Special Education certificate with a focus on gifted education from York University.  Petra has many years teaching experience.  She is married and a mother of three children and has taught at Clanmore since its inception.

Lucy Salas, BA, MS c.
Playground support, Supply
Lucy has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a Master’s degree in Telecommunications. She worked for more than 17 years as a customer service, loyalty and retention manager at one of the largest multinational telecommunications corporations in Europe, Latin America and Africa (Telefonica). While at Telefonica she received several high-performance awards and was promoted to Director-Customer Operations. She holds a Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate awarded by a top process improvement consulting firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina (GPS Consulting). She continued her process improvement and operational excellence training by completing COPC Standard Certification (Customer Operation Performance Center Professional). In 2013, she moved from Caracas, Venezuela to Oakville, Ontario with her husband and children, and in 2016 embarked upon a new career path, starting a partnership home daycare with a close friend/ECE in Bronte Creek, Oakville. More recently, Lucy was fortunate to find her way at Clanmore as Playground Support. Lucy is passionate about sports and has actively supported multiculturalism and diversity working as a volunteer at Halton Multicultural Council (HMC).

Administrative Staff

Administrative and Other Staff

Leslie Austin, Hon. BA, AMI
Facility, Policy and Finance Co-ordinator, Preschool Program Representative
Leslie grew up in Mississauga and the Caledon area. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in French and German literature from the University of Western Ontario with one year of studies spent at the University of Nice, France. Leslie began teaching in 1994. She holds an Association Montessori Internationale Casa diploma and has completed the NAMTA Montessori Whole School Management course. She taught at private schools in Nobleton and Ottawa before coming to Oakville. Leslie and her husband are the proud parents of two Clanmore graduates. 

Elaine Delsnyder, AMI
Admission Co-ordinator
Elaine was born, raised and educated in Regina, Saskatchewan.  She has a diploma in Early Childhood Education and a diploma from Association Montessori International Foundation for Montessori Education, where she studied under Renilde Montessori (3-7 years of age).  In addition to many years’ teaching experience, Elaine has enormous experience in the field of children’s drama and performing arts.  Elaine is a founder of Clanmore Montessori School.

Anne Mercer, LL.B., AMI
Communication Co-ordinator, Preschool Program Representative
Anne was born in Toronto.  After studying Political Science at McMaster University and Business Administration at Ryerson University,  Anne received a law degree from York University and an Association Montessori International primary diploma (3-7 years of age) from the Foundation for Montessori Education in 2000.  Anne has taught in Casa classrooms in Toronto and at Clanmore, and has lived in Vienna, Prague, and Calgary. She enjoys sports, travel, the out-of-doors, and the arts.

Veronika Overton, Hon. B. Comm.
Event Co-ordinator and Admin Support
Veronika was born in Toronto and raised in Beamsville, Ontario.  She holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Guelph.  Veronika studied the AIM method of teaching French as a second language and has taught all levels of the Elementary School.  In 2008 Veronika joined the pre-school staff in the toddler community and in 2010 acquired her Infant/Toddler diploma from TMI. Veronika also assists with special events within the school. She is married and the mother of one Clanmore student and one Clanmore graduate.

Angela Patient, BA, AMI

Toddler Co-ordinator, Preschool Program Representative
Angela was born in Georgetown and raised in London, Ontario.  She studied Sociology at Brock University and has two AMI Diplomas from the Montessori Institute of San Diego, Primary (Casa) and Assistants to Infancy (Infant/Toddler).  She was the Supervisor of Early years at the YMCA of Oakville and developed Steps and Stages, free programs for parents with children prenatal to six.  She is a certified Infant Massage instructor and is married with two children, both of whom attend Clanmore.

Quotes From Parents About The Clanmore Staff

Said by a parent after reading the staff bios:  “. . . I was bowled over by the qualifications of the Clanmore Montessori teachers.  Such a richness, a wealth of expertise for my children.”

“It seems impossible that there could be a better group of teachers anywhere. Clanmore attracts high caliber teachers who demonstrate extraordinary commitment. . .

“The teachers plan great curriculum meetings”.

“There is great communication between staff and parents”.

 “Each child is treated as a unique being with unique needs – children are allowed to learn in the way that they learn best”.

“Staff teach the whole child – academic, emotional, creative, social”. 

“Proper manners and sensitivity towards others are modeled, expected and achieved”.

“Clanmore experiences low staff turnover – there is great staff loyalty”.

 “The staff inspires a love of learning – lifelong benefit”.

“The social curriculum at Clanmore has helped my children not only at school but also at home.”

“How teachers communicate with children is delighting to observe. They are constantly showing love and respect to them.”

“Here you see creative and intelligent teaching”.

 “Children speak to adults with ease regarding guidance, social issues, etc.”

 “Teachers create an environment that embraces collaboration where the learning process is interactive and fun”.

Clanmore is a beautiful, enriched, safe and welcoming environment where each child is encouraged to meet his/her true individual potential.”

  “The staff is harmonious, unified, patient, loving and very adaptable.”

 “At Clanmore children are cherished.  The teachers are genuinely interested in them and treat them with respect and trust”

 “Teachers inspire a love of reading and an awe of language through the reading aloud and exploration of a rich variety of carefully selected literature”.

“. . . Just as parents choose Clanmore as the best place for their child’s education, we teachers chose Clanmore as the best place to work.  The sense of respect is evident throughout the entire community and we teachers have sought out Clanmore because of the special place that it is”.

Clanmore Montessori School teachers