Making the most of your observation time in the classroom

  • Prepare yourself for a lovely time. You are not responsible for the well-being of any individual during your observation.
  •  Enter into the spirit of the community; experience the joy, spontaneity and growing independence of the group.
  • Look at all the children. Try to figure out who is in their 1st , 2nd or 3rd year of the program.
  • Listen to the children as they speak, move, sing, work and solve problems.

 Help the children by:

  • allowing them to go about their daily routine without your interference;
  • telling them that you are observing today, if you are approached;
  • sitting back in your observation chair and resisting any temptation to leap up and help;
  • jotting down any questions which may pop into your head as you observe, we will be happy to talk later.

Observation Resources:

A Guide to Observing in the Primary Classroom

A Guide to Observation in the Elementary Classroom

Two girls working together