Discovering Clanmore Montessori School

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Open Houses

If you are interested in exploring Clanmore as an option for your family, a good first step would be to attend one of our Open Houses which are held annually in October, January/February and, on occasion, in April. Children are welcome to attend. Hours are from 10am-2pm unless otherwise stated.

Tour and Intake Process: General Overview

First Visit

This is an opportunity to tour the school with a representative who has Montessori training at the program level you are interested in. During this visit we discuss the Montessori approach to education, take a quick peek into our classrooms and answer any questions you might have. One-on-one or small group format, adults-only please (although infants are welcome).

Please contact the school to arrange a mutually convenient time for a tour.

Observation Visit

This is an opportunity to participate in a 20-minute Elementary classroom observation to envision what a typical day might look like. Adults only, please.

Child Visit

On occasion, our older preschool applicants and elementary and middle school applicants will be invited to visit the school/classrooms as part of our Intake Process. Younger applicants are encouraged to visit during our Open Houses or over the noon hour while our children are outside for recess. This allows for exploration in the classrooms without impeding the flow of the day for our current students.

Application for Admission

An application for enrolment may be submitted after completing our Tour and Intake Process. Application packages are available through our tour representatives.

Fee Schedule

Please note, deposit cheques will only be cashed upon an offer of admission; thereafter tuition is non-refundable, regardless of absence, transfer or withdrawal. See a copy of our Fee Schedule.

Contact for Admissions

[email protected]

(905) 337.8283

Clanmore Montessori School
2463 Lakeshore Road East
Oakville, Ontario, L6J 1M7

Cathy Sustronk (Preschool Program Coordinator)

Grace Kidney (Elementary Program Coordinator)

Kate Barrack (Middle School Program Coordinator)




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