Summer Camp

Due to COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, Summer Camp offerings for 2022 will be restricted to current students of Clanmore Montessori School who are returning for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are an external applicant, we thank you for your interest and apologize that we are unable to accommodate you at the present time.

The Clanmore Montessori Camp is designed to complement but not replicate our Montessori programming.  Our camp programs blend seamlessly with the Clanmore approach.  They are developmentally appropriate, fostering enriched experiential learning. They include co-ed, mixed-age groupings, and most importantly are nurturing and loads of fun.

2022 July Camp Offering: Some General Information

A typical camp day begins outdoors at 9:00 am, weather permitting. 

We then head inside to work with the classroom materials, as a continuation from the school year. The children then have lunch and recess. The afternoons consist of walks in the woods, crafts, special presentations, and following the children’s inspirations and ideas. 

Dismissal is at 3:00 pm. 

We have full access to the Clanmore facilities each day during camp, including the gym and the gym equipment. This is helpful if there are days when we cannot be outside. 

The camp ratio is capped at 24 children with 3 adults in each of the two groups (Casa Group & Elementary Group). 

Casa camp is led by Teresa McLean, a current Clanmore Casa Teacher.

Elementary camp is led by Joanne Grassi, a current Clanmore Elementary Teacher. 

There are no weekly themes, however, there is a weekly special presentation. In the past, we have had presentations, such as an animal presentation and a science presentation.  

We have also had special surprises throughout camp, such as a pizza day, an ice cream day, and a water play day. 

The idea behind our camp is to make the month of July light and fun with some academics. 


Please Note: For 2022 Registrants

Camp hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
LATE CHARGE AFTER 3:15 pm: $25.00 per child, per quarter hour or part thereof. 

For more information:

Please Contact Teresa McLean at:
Internal Families – please email the school
External Families – please send your inquiry to [email protected]

(905) 337-8283