Catered Lunch


Clanmore Montessori School offers an in-house Catered Lunch Program as an add-on option for all of our preschool and elementary School Day students (mandatory by law for all students 3.8 years of age and younger who stay for lunch).

Lunches are made daily, on-site in our school kitchen, by a trained chef, along with our Kitchen Program Co-ordinator.  Wherever possible, menu items are prepared from scratch – bread is freshly baked, sauces are prepared from fresh herbs and vegetables and meatballs are made by hand.

Two menus are created annually, each offering a four-week rotation.  In designing our menus, care is taken to ensure that lunches are not only nutritionally balanced but also pleasing to the child pallet. Presentation and plating are considered and service is generally family-style, allowing each child to determine the correct portion for him/herself.

Lunch Program Information Sheet

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What Some of Our Students Have to Say

  • “I just went up for my 3rd serving. I tried my first potato and I liked it.” Casa Student
  • “I think that when the food is made they think about the day. Like on a cold day they have ravioli.” Upper Elementary Student
  • “Can I have some more apples and broccoli? Apples are crunchy!” Toddler Student
  • “I like that every day I get a surprise for lunch” Casa Student
  • One day two young children appeared at the kitchen door with an empty bowl. “They had eaten all their broccoli and they wanted more. It was a major breakthrough.” Lunch Program Chef
  • “I just like that there’s a big quantity of it.” Upper Elementary Student
  • “I like it because the food’s really good.” Lower Elementary Student
  • “I love the hashbrowns. They are so tasty, and I really like the friendly cooks.” Lower Elementary Student
  • “Sometimes they have the perfect lunch when you come inside on a really warm or a really cold day.”
  • “The soup is great. It tastes like I’m in heaven.” Lower Elementary Student
  • “I like the french toast. I like the pasta. I like the soups. I like the salads. I like the chicken wings. I like everything.” Lower Elementary Student

Enquiries concerning food allergies and intolerances and dietary restrictions may be made directly to the school through [email protected]

Please note that the Catered Lunch Program runs 4 days a week, Tuesday through Friday. A Parent Association run Pizza/Sub Day fundraiser is offered each Monday and requires separate registration for those who wish to participate.