Clanmore Montessori School’s Co-curricular Programs are seamlessly integrated into the end of the school day, allowing for more family time in the evenings.  Care has been taken to ensure that like our Summer Camp, these programs blend with the Clanmore approach.  They are developmentally appropriate, co-ed, and with mixed age groupings.

Programs Offered

Cooking Classes (Third-year Casa-Upper Elementary)

  • A progressive program where students work with a trained chef to build the skills required to prepare a full course meal in a professionally equipped kitchen.

2018-2019 Cooking Registration Form

Karate (Third-year Casa-Upper Elementary)

  • With a qualified sensei who fosters and inspires mutual respect for all in an environment which is positive and safe. Our Sensei is passionate about building children’s confidence and character through martial arts and meditation.

2018-2019 Karate Registration Form

Chess Club (Lower Elementary-Middle School)

  • Students work with a Chess Master who is also the Youth Olympic Chess Coach to challenge their critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and strategic planning while playing a fun and interactive game.  Chess players of various levels are welcome.

2018-2019 Chess Club Registration Form

Creative Arts (Third-year Casa-Lower Elementary)

  • This is NEW to Clanmore. We are excited to offer this program which nurtures each child’s individual artistic interests. This program offers various types of art forms including drama, story-writing, storytelling, modern dance, and visual art. The instructors are accomplished artists who value experience over performance and know how to create a fun and educational environment.

2018-2019 Creative Arts Registration Form


Our programs run on various days of the week and throughout the school year.

For more information:

Teresa McLean
(905) 337-8283
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