Frequently Asked Questions Answered by the Upper Elementary Children of 2011-12

How will I get to the school?

By car or, if we live close enough, we can walk or bike to school!

It is a private school. Will I wear a uniform?

Yes – it’s a very comfortable uniform, and we can even make proposals about which items of clothing may be considered as uniform.

Do the children at Clanmore Montessori School sit at desks to do their work?

No – there are tables of various sizes in each classroom.  We are free to choose where and with whom to sit.

Do you have to ask a teacher when you need to leave the class to go to the washroom?

No – we go to the washroom when we need to go. 

Do the children at Clanmore participate in Fundraising Events?

Absolutely!  We actually decide what to fundraise for, and what sort of event should happen to raise the funds.  Then we plan the entire event ourselves!

What are the hours of a school day?

8:30 am – 3:45 pm

Are there both boys and girls at Clanmore?


Is there a gym at Clanmore?

Our Phys Ed program happens outdoors – we build individual and team skills in sports like basketball, soccer, track & field, golf, cross-country running and general fitness. We also participate in the Jump Rope for Heart program every year! During the winter months we go out for lessons in Curling, Tae Kwon Do, Skating, Yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop , Bowling and more!

[Please note that as of September 2013, the school facilities now include  a skylit gymnasium.]

Is there a cafeteria?

No – we bring lunch from home.  We have Pizza Days on every other Friday, and sometimes create a lunch with our class for a special event or theme day.

[Please note that as of September 2013, the school offers a catered lunch program for interested families.]

What kind of extra things do the children do?

Class pets, Special Guest Artists, Visits from Authors, Brisk Walks in the Woods, Fundraising Events, and more!

Are there any jobs that the children need to do?

Yes – we all work together and rotate certain jobs to keep our own classrooms and the whole school running well.  We will do laundry, wash dishes, clean tables, water plants and tidy shelves, to name a few jobs!

How many children would be in my class?

The number of children in each class ranges from 10 at the Toddler Level to 24 at the Casa Level, to 15-30 students in each of the Elementary classes.

Is there homework at Clanmore?

Only if you waste your time, or if you ask for it!

How are the children treated at Clanmore?

We are treated with respect.  We have freedom of choice in our work and in our play, and we follow an amazing program called Restitution which helps us in our social curriculum.

What’s it like at Clanmore?

Fun, Awesome, Amazing, Cool! 

Is there a school library?

There are mini-libraries all over the school – in the classrooms, as well as in a central location in the school.  There are books everywhere!

Clanmore Montessori School students