Clanmore Montessori School students



At Clanmore we know that communication between the school and the family is key to a child’s success at school.

Here are the many and varied ways in which we communicate with one another effectively.

·       The first way most parents and teachers see one another is at arrival and dismissal times.

·       In addition, we also use written notes, telephone calls, email messages, scheduled meetings and parent/teacher conferences, our Clanmore calendar/handbook and various modes of social media to let you know what is going on and to hear from you.

·       Also, parents receive a vast amount of information while observing in a classroom, volunteering in the school and attending curriculum, speaker series and social events.

·       Finally, information is shared through your child’s work coming home, student-led classroom demonstrations, and, in the Elementary and Middle School classes, through the children’s work journals, portfolio meetings and annual written reports.


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Clanmore Montessori School students