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Your Child’s Progress

Reporting on Your Child’s Progress at Clanmore

Communication between the school and family is vital to ensure a child’s success at school.

At Clanmore, there are several formal and informal arrangements for reporting on a child’s progress.

Programme Introduction / Home/Classroom Visit / Family Barbeque

For the purposes of introduction and connection, teachers, parents and new students have the chance to meet in the classrooms (or in the home environment for Toddler families) just prior to the start of the school year. Teachers and parents also have an opportunity to gather together at a Programme Introduction as well as at a Family Barbeque, typically the day after Labour Day. The relationship between the parents and their child’s teachers is essential and these meetings are a great way to begin a strong and supportive relationship.

Fall Update

Early in the Fall term, parents receive a photo from the school.

Curriculum Events / Curriculum Chart

Throughout the year, teachers and staff hold curriculum events to describe and discuss the work that the children are doing and the Montessori philosophy.  These meetings are informative and key for understanding the child and his/her development.  An essential handout for all parents is the Clanmore Montessori Whole-School Curriculum Chart which spans from Toddler through to Middle School.

Open Observation

November marks the beginning of Open Observation – a key tool in the Montessori school.  Parents are encouraged to observe in their child’s classroom or any classroom in the school.  This 20-30 minute glimpse into the environment allows all to see what and how the children are doing and what might come next.  It also helps parents to understand their child’s life at school, his or her friends and their relationships.  Observation is open for the remainder of the year – parents are welcome to book multiple visits.

Parent/Teacher Conferences or Parent/Student Conferences (Middle School)

In November and April, parents attend parent/teacher conferences in which the teachers report on and discuss a child’s progress.  Should a child need more reporting than this conference, the school and parents arrange for further communication. (Conference are held three times a year at the middle school level, and two of these conferences are student-led.) Please note these important dates in your calendar to ensure that you are available to attend.

Student-led Classroom Demonstrations / Portfolio Meetings

The children also participate in student-led classroom demonstrations (Casa/Lower Elementary), providing their parents with an opportunity to closely observe the work with the materials under the leadership of the children. Portfolio meetings (Upper Elementary/Middle School) offer the students a forum in which they are able to show samples of their work and report on their progress directly to their parents.

Written Progress Reports

In June, at the Elementary and Middle School levels, an in-depth written commentary on the child’s progress at school is prepared by every teacher who works with the child.  It is a comprehensive record of the child’s year.  An accompanying curriculum guide informs parents of the specific work of that year and the child’s level of achievement.

Daily Contact

Of course, the teachers and parents often see one another daily at arrival and dismissal times. These regular informal interactions consolidate trust and connection.

Calls/Meetings Upon Request

If required, parents and teachers are encouraged to request a phone call or meeting at any time in the school year to discuss a child’s progress.

Clanmore Montessori School students