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The Montessori Middle School program is designed to specifically respond to the unique needs and tendencies of the adolescents so that their experience at school engages them academically, supports their own personal development and provides them with real experiences of adult life. Working alongside caring adult teachers or guides, students engage in formal lessons in math, languages, humanities, and hands-on lessons in the sciences. Opportunities for the arts and creative expression abound and diverse physical and outdoor activities happen. Instruction and experience in business, economics and entrepreneurship are offered and students are exposed to technology and multi-media design in an in-depth manner and age-appropriate way. Community service and leadership opportunities are fundamental to, and widely available for the students who are a part of the adolescent community.

The Middle School program at Clanmore is grounded in the Montessori philosophy of education, meets and exceeds the Ontario Ministry of Education’s  Curriculum and provides a broad multi-disciplinary approach to education. Based at the school’s location on Lakeshore Road East in Oakville,  the program also makes use of many local experts and key learning sites throughout the Oakville and the surrounding area.

The prepared Middle-School environment offers students the opportunity to discover their unique gifts and talents and to learn the skills and tools they will need to become compassionate, 21st Century thinkers able to lead the change required to address the challenges facing our world today. This is not just education for education sake, this is education for life.

Clanmore Montessori School students