Parent Association


 The Parent Association is an organization run by the parents of children who attend the school. The organization raises funds and arranges activities to enrich the lives of the children. All parents are welcome.  Parents volunteer their time to participate in these activities.  Committee members are parents who have volunteered to take charge of particular tasks.  Currently, committee members assume the following roles/responsibilities:


–     sets the agenda for and runs Parent Association meetings
–     finds a parent volunteer/volunteers to head each committee
–     liaises with committee heads
–     co-ordinates special events such as teacher appreciation day
–     communicates on behalf of the Parent Association with the parent community at large


–     takes charge of the Parent Association bank account and manages monies from fundraising activities
–     overseas annual budget as determined by the Parent Association at its Annual General Meeting
–     reimburses approved parent and staff expenses


Committee head/heads oversee events or find committee members to oversee events such as:

                -silent auction                                                -skating party
                -scholastic books                                           -used uniform sale
                -pizza day                                                        -Mabel’s labels
                -bowling party                                                -season items sale (e.g. wreaths)
                -pumpkin carving party                                -moms and dads nights out            

Volunteers are always needed to assist with such duties as:

                -event set-up and clean-up                          -event co-ordination
                -event publicity                                              -promotion
                -event supervision                                         -research: suppliers, venues etc.


 Committee head/heads oversee volunteers who are needed to:

                -label books in the school library according to subject matter
                -repair books
                -tidy/sort shelves


 Committee head/heads oversee volunteers who are needed to:

                -listen to elementary children read out loud
                -parents sign-up for convenient timeslots, once or multiple times depending on availability


 Committee head/heads oversee volunteers who are needed to:

                -work with children to plant the school urns twice yearly, in the winter and spring
                -organize seasonal bulbs for the children to plant in the classrooms and then take home

Mission Statement

The Parent   Association at Clanmore fosters the nurturing environment that supports the   children, their teachers, the parents themselves and the school.