Why Clanmore

Quotes from our students, teachers and parents as to why Clanmore should be your school of choice.

” I am bowled over by the qualifications of the Clanmore teachers.  Such a richness, a wealth of expertise for my children.”

“Families of like-minded people have found a place to come together in which their children’s childhood is cherished and nurtured.”

“Here at Clanmore we are not only taught academic lessons, we are taught to love and respect ourselves.”

“The solid learning and day-to-day evaluation by Clanmore teachers ensures that students are 100% ready for Grade 7.”[Graduates now leave after Grade 8.]

“…Clanmore’s excellent time management skills which lead to a great life skill….”

“The “do your best” rather than “be the best” attitude at Clanmore … is an essential life skill …”

“I see so much beautiful high quality work from the children – totally unmotivated by grades.  It’s amazing!”

“My children have blossomed at Clanmore.”

“There are only two things I needed, one was roots, one was wings, now I have both – thank you.”

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“Clanmore taught me to never give up and do the best you can at all your work.”

“Clanmore has given me self-confidence.”

“Hands down the best private school in Oakville!”

“It is right what they say: Clanmore is the best little school in town.”

“We are here to prepare for life.”        

“Results show that not only does Clanmore’s system work, but that 100% of the children graduating from Clanmore have gone on to Grade 7 at the school of their first choice.” [Graduates now leave after Grade 8.]

“Clanmore attracts high calibre teachers who demonstrate extraordinary commitment… it seems impossible that there could be another group of teachers anywhere who are all so consistently wonderful.”

“There is great communication between staff and parents.”

“The teachers plan great curriculum meetings.”

“Proper manners and sensitivity towards others are modelled, expected and achieved. 

“Clanmore has given me a joy of learning.  Clanmore has been more than just a school to me, it’s been a second home.”

“Class meetings are nice because they make people feel included.  They also make us feel happy because we’re fixing our problems.”

“At Clanmore we give it a try and we finish what we start.”

“Clanmore rocks!”

“At Clanmore my children are cherished.  Teachers are genuinely interested in them and treat them with respect and trust.”

“Clanmore prepared me to be an independent leader.  I know how to take the initiative.”

“Clanmore has met so many different needs for each of my children.”

“Clanmore is a beautiful school with wonderful teachers.”

“I have learned many things at Clanmore … you can only respect yourself once you respect others, and you have to be a friend to have a friend.”

“Clanmore is not just a school – it’s a community.”

“Clanmore is definitely the best Montessori School in Oakville.”


Clanmore Montessori School Students